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Sierra Entertainment, Inc.(formerly Sierra On-Line) was an American video game developer and publisher founded in 1979 as On-Line Systems by Ken and Roberta Williams. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company was last owned by Activision, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard.

Leisure Suit Larry went from a great idea, to a great idea with explicit graphics and very nice adult content.
Nothing has been censored, you'll have all the fun with all the details. That's what we like to see!

You start by playing a college loser named, of course, Larry Loveage.

He's the nephew of the cool cat Larry Laffer, an old-school character from the Leisure Suit Larry collection.

Because his uncle was famous with the ladies, Larry tries to imitate him with strange methods attempting to get the girls into bed.

Swingles, will be Larry's chance to meet some hot ladies, Swingles is a hot dating show that's coming to Larry's college.

This basically begins his long adventure of interacting with beautiful women.

The best part about this game is that is very realistic and also fun as hell. We guarantee you won't get bored because this is nothing like you've played before, even if you are a Lesiure Suit Larry fan.

Watch the videos while downloading the game and you'll understand it's beauty.

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